A few months ago, Jeff and I made the difficult decision that it was time put the campground on the market. It was not an easy decision, especially for Jeff. We’ve tossed the idea around for the past few years, but it always came down to the fact that he just wasn’t ready.

Some of you know Jeff, but many of our Facebook followers have never met either of us. We have been very fortunate over the years to have some great people help us out in running Wolfpen. We could not have managed without our office manager, Linda,who takes care of all of our customers. When we first opened, you might have met Jeff’s brother, Ves or my Dad, Darrel. And many of you got to know and love Ced over the past few years. And now we have Ron, Faye, and Ethan?working with us.

But the heart of Wolfpen ATV Campground has always been my husband. When Jeff was there, he was working. He has taken so much pride in building up this rocky river bank into a place where families have visited now for over 19 years. It was some of our happier times when we would be able to be there, riding around on our side-by-side, visiting with our campers, sharing their stories and their campfire. But since I am a full time registered nurse, and we also own a very busy collision repair shop (for over 35 years) we’ve never been able to dedicate ourselves full time to the camp. But I can tell you this….while Jeff might not have been there physically, his heart always was.

You see, we didn’t start out with the intent of building another business. We pretty much had our hands full running the collision shop and working full time jobs. We bought the property that the camp sits on pretty much on a whim. We had built a home in town, but when we saw this beautiful property on Macks Creek, we knew we had to have it, hoping someday to retire there. While Jeff was clearing some brush on Saturday, a man stopped by and asked if he could camp by the creek so he could ride the trails. And that’s how Wolfpen came to be. Starting out with Cabin #1, Jeff worked every spare hour he had building this place for people to enjoy. He loved doing it. He loved seeing people come with their families and make lasting memories. We’ve had wedding, anniversaries and birthdays celebrated here. The campground was (and still is) his “baby. During this time that Wolfpen ATV campground was growing and becoming popular nationwide, he continued operate the collision shop, which was also growing and keeping him busy. Jeff’s hard work and integrity had resulted in 2 successful businesses that he was trying to take care of.

And now to the title of this blog….for everything there is a season….and the season has approached that my very hard working husband needs to slow down. It was hard for him to accept this, but that’s what a loving (and persistent) wife is for!! We have a beautiful family that consists of 4 grandchildren that we don’t get to spend nearly enough time with. And while the campground has brought much satisfaction and happiness, it’s time to spend time with these babies before they are grown and gone also. All of you empty-nesters and grandparents know what I’m talking about….time goes by all too quickly .

So now it’s time to hand the reins over to a new owner. I hope whoever buys Wolfpen ATV Campground will know and appreciate the blood, sweat, tears….and much love, that went into building this amazing memory-making spot of Heaven on earth.

Interested in learning more?

If you or someone you know are looking to make a move, a change in career, or just looking for a change in scenery, what a wonderful place this would be for you. Nestled in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains and just minutes from the town of Mena, AR (visitmena.com), Wolfpen ATV Campground offers a relaxing setting and an ability to make a?very comfortable living…and have fun doing it! Call the owner at (479) 394-0404 or email wolfpenforsale@yahoo.com

Campground Details

Near the Wolfpen Gap ATV trail system, Wolfpen ATV Campground has a?crystal clear creek (Mack’s Creek) running through the 35 acres of land.?It includes 11 primitive cabins (with electricity)?5 fully furnished cottages (full bath, kitchen & satellite TV), 13 RV sites (12 with full hook-up, 2 sites for extended stay), 5 tent sites, (2 with water/electric), bath & laundry house and a full retail store on site. With a capacity of close to 200, Wolfpen ATV Campground offers new potential buyers the option to leave the hustle and bustle of big city life, and take on a profitable, well established business (since 1997) in the country. Grounds are minutes from Mena, Arkansas, the ATV capital of the south and a community of less than 6,000 people. Couples looking to retire will find this their new home away from home. The potential of growing this business is huge. There is enough land to add additional cabins or campsites.

Financials available to qualified buyer.